Respekter mennesker og spre kjærlighet!


Foto: Rolf Ørjan Høgset 

Life is Now?? Be thankful and proud Of who you are?? ? There will always be someone who doesn’t like you or wants to understand you and Why you do What you do The way you do it. Be who you want and do What you want! I am a proud Of who I am and I love my work as a personal Trainer and mental Trainer. 

My passion is to push other People to Their best wether it’s loosing weight , shaping their body or wanting to be more themselves in Life . I dont judge People from How They look or What thew have. I see the person in front of me as a human and I respect them like They are exactly as I want them to respect me as the complexe person I am.

 I wish more People could Spread love instead of being jealous and Try to break other People down to make themselves feel better. 

Give someone a compliment today my sporty followers???? i ? you ?? Foto: Rolf Øejan Høgset 

#spreadlove #respect #beyou #lalifestyle

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