Let go..


Foto: Rolf Ørjan Høgset

No one should ever tell you what to do. I never asked you to come here but here you are. There must be a reason why you’re here. There are no mistakes. Everything is in its right place. By you coming here and sharing with me, it means you are ready for the higher path. Most of you are tired of playing around in this world. You’ve been through all kinds of experiences, you’ve had all types of conditioning and you’re tired of it all. This is the first requisite. You have to be tired of the world and its nonsense to find something else. As long as you’re still satisfied with this world, the world has a good hold over you; it is only when you become tired of this world and the games people play that you will get down to true spirituality. As long as you are still playing games in this world, trying to get things outside of yourself, obtain things, looking at the world as if it had something to offer you, you can never become self-realized. It’s impossible, for the world has a hold on you. The world is your teacher, it shows you all kinds of things that you respond to and you think you’re having a good time. You think you are enjoying yourself, you’re having fun. Then the time comes when you should change. Change comes along which it always does and you start to experience the other side. You become miserable, you become upset, you become depressed and you go back and forth like this. Most people do this all their lives until they drop dead and then they have to repeat it again and again.Why not begin to do something about this world now? Why not begin understanding who you are, your true nature and what you have to do to remove the idea of body-mind. By coming to satsang alone, wondrous things ensue in your life. By practicing self-inquiry at home or the office you are enhancing the satsang. By not reacting to person, place or thing the mind becomes quieter and quieter and quieter until it is totally transcended. It’s up to you! It is always up to you! There is really no one in this world who can actually do anything for you until you allow it to happen.


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